Monthly Written Tarotscopes

A small and wonderful overview of what the month brings for each of the 12 sun signs.

This is a quick reference and often compliments my Carolyn Clairvoyant YouTube Tarotscopes

November 2018



EIGHT OF CUPS enters your monthly influence signifying progress, moving forward and a time of marked results. A chance to see progress happening in an area or situation in which, there has been a slow or transitory period of change.

Spirit is encouraging you to embrace every opportunity to look back and see how far you have come. Problems or small obstacles will start to disperse as you make positive progress with situations moving forward.

Upright Meanings: Emotionally moving forward, opportunity presented for something better, emotionally ready to let go, ready overcome a situation and moving on, a move in the right direction.




THE STAR enters your monthly influence signifying luck, blessings, wishes coming true and faith. A time of feeling a sense of many blessings as you enter the day with a positive and new found outlook on life. The lucky aspects could lead to small wins or victories or perhaps a sense of gratefulness as you feel fortunate for the family, friendships or faith in what life delivers.

Spirit is encouraging you to communicate, express or be open about your dreams, goals and aspirations as you may find a progressive time in seeing them become a strong reality.

Upright Meaning: Lucky vibrations surrounding outcomes, feeling blessed, having faith in a situation or person, counting blessings, lucky break, all areas of life blessed with much abundance



SEVEN OF SWORDS enters your monthly influence signifying advice, cutting losses and taking advantage of opportunities. A time when an advantageous opportunity to turn a situation around my present itself. This could imply a period of renegotiation, advice or moving forward on a matter.

Spirit is encouraging you to source the right people, advice or outcomes which, enable an authentic result opposed to giving into or being taken advantage.

Reversed Meaning:  Seeking professional advice, attaining the services of someone who can be of assistance, dealings with all levels of professionalism, gaining an outcome (when asked in relation to verdict, finances, settlements and agreements)



THE RETROSPECT enters your monthly influence signifying contemplation, reflection and individuality. This is a time in which, to embrace the opportunity to better understand the depth of that which, is important in attaining happiness and personal satisfaction.

Spirit is encouraging you to look more deeply into your current circumstances and present life situations and to take an independent yet honest look at that which, you truly need, want or desire so as to make the necessary decisions or changes in which to move ahead.

Upright Meaning: Looking at that which is important, focusing on the facts, taking an independent view. This card can indicate someone who likes to be independent, have independence or likes own company.



THREE OF WANDS enters your monthly influence signifying travel, plan and goals along with potential opportunities arriving. A time in which, to feel confident in knowing that which, you need could eventuate or be a strong possibility.

Spirit is encouraging you to take the time to enjoy good company, personal successes and some time out with those who matter. Potential success may arrive through new sources or avenues.

Reversed Meaning: The delays in plans are enabling a time of reassessing the situation more closely, not wanting to see the situation for what it truly is, overlooking or dismissing the facts, listen to own advice




FIVE OF WANDS enters your monthly influence signifying frustration, opposition and conflict. A time in which, to be more determined to push through any barriers or limitations.

Spirit is encouraging you to work through that which, is creating frustrations or internal conflict so that, you may see your way clear. A time to face situations head on and to work at getting matters settled.

Upright Meaning: Opposition to plans or ideas, determined to get a result, push through, competition or competitiveness, talking oneself in and out of ideas and plans, up against opposing views




KING OF CUPS enters your monthly influence signifying a strong time of support, understanding and emotional connection. A time in which, the importance or focus will be on being open about feelings and that which, one requires to be happy and self-satisfied.

Spirit is encouraging you to take the time to welcome a new friendship, better understand those around you or to be open to assistance, support and guidance.

Upright Meaning: Gaining a better perspective, assistance and understanding, emotional support, IF utilising as a descriptive for a person, would be kind, compassionate, understanding, would be openly affectionate, warm, would be dedicated and committed, emotionally balanced



SIX OF PENTACLES enters your monthly influence signifying equality, assistance, finances and balance. A time to re-establish a favourable agreement, enter a deal or spend quality time with those who matter.

Spirit is encouraging you to reassess your current circumstances and that which, you give much attention or time and energy toward. A chance find balance in your daily affairs.

Reversed Meaning:  Financial unfairness, no help or assistance, not worth your time or energy, financial shortfall, loss of income, someone who gives a lot but gains little in return




THE EMPEROR enters your monthly influence signifying contracts, dealings or agreements through governmental departments, stability and support. Whilst for others this may be a strong period of dealing with authority figures and males. This is a time to try and create more stability and support in your current situations.

Spirit is encouraging you to take the time to reassess your choices and source the right advice for the right areas. Do not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

Reversed Meaning:  Situation are not clear or can be deceptive, no decisions can be reach at this time, awaiting  a result or outcome, not wishing to see a situation for that which it truly represents




THE CHARIOT enters your monthly influence signifying transition, motivation, opportunities for travel and planned change. This may arise through trips, plans and or goals in which, a busy yet productive time will ensue.

Spirit is encouraging you to embrace a time of progress through personal initiation. You may be pulled in several directions at once however, this will enable you to see which, route best suits your current desires or goals.

Upright Meaning: Motivation, looking at several alternatives or options, moving towards a workable solution, work or career connected to travel or transport. (Travel is a strong influence and often can be significant as in physical travel meaning car or transport. It can also be a metaphor of emotional, mental or spiritual travel (overcoming or moving on)



FIVE OF PENTACLES enters your monthly influence signifying additional pressures, financial worries or concerns over relationships, employment or friendships. A time to look at ways to fix, mend or work through uncertainty by implementing or accepting changes.

Spirit is encouraging a time of delving deeper into that which, is creating such discontent. You may be unprepared, surprised or feeling the stress and strain from external circumstances which, appear to have the upper hand at present.

Reversed Meaning: Improvements in relationships, new employment or job, new income, improvements in all areas of life.



THE FORTUNE enters your monthly influence signifying lucky, good fortune, opportunities and positive influences. A very opportunistic time to put plans and goals in motion. Luck may have a strong hand in the outcome however, it is the perfect timing for everything to come together abundantly.

Spirit is encouraging you to strike whilst the iron is hot and to take the chance that everything is ready to commence. The right people, information or doorways will. The time is right, the momentum of new changes will bring prosperity, abundance and better outcomes.

Upright Meaning: Timing is right for opportunities to fall into place, fortunate times ahead, lucky break or opportunity