Weekly Tarotscopes


23rd September to 29th September 2018 – Weekly Tarotscopes


Aries: Six of Pentacles reversed
This week you may feel that your best efforts are taking a small diversion from your usual objectives. You may feel as though life is a little unfair, or over complicated. Money could create a small issues or perhaps you still have a bit of a journey ahead in order to re balance matters and find workable solutions for your every day commitments. Don’t over do it – is probably the best motto.

Taurus: Ten of Cups reversed
This week you are seeing some opportunities to sort out your home, family and commitments. You may not have everything in order but you do have some thoughts on the matter. You may be stepping into making plans for trips, travel or changes in the home. Some of this may be easy the other could lead to a bit of an expensive hike and a a few frustrations or arguments.

Gemini: Two of Pentacles reversed
This week you have good prospects for putting your plans and goals into place. This is a opportunistic time to gain some person headway or success on a project or matter which you have been waiting to happen. You may find a refreshing of your organisational skills leads to a reshuffle and some strong decision making which could involve your career, home and finances.

Cancer: Knight of Swords
This week you may be jumping in and making some very quick and decisive decisions. Offers and openings see a financial deal struck with a good result if you are ready to sign on the dotted line. Others may be feeling the impulsiveness of striking whilst the iron is hot and putting a stronger emphasis on loans, applications and other documentation which could see you in a better position if made or sorted now.

Leo: Four of Wands
This week you feel like you are in holiday mode. Plenty to keep you socially happy and active. You may find commitments and plans lead to some inspirational ideas in how to not only solve any problems with the home or family but how to enhance a better time in the future.

Virgo: Seven of Cups
This week you are looking at the best options and which way to gain a favourable outcome to a specific plan or goal. You may seek alternatives over the tried and true in order to gain the upper edge or desired results. The whole essence of the experiment could leave you still a little frazzled if you are on the right track. Too many decisions to be made.

Libra: The Retrospect
This week you are looking at what truly is important to you. A mature and more somber reflection may reveal a more wiser result or a bring you some wisdom no how to still gain what you want without giving in too much to what others may need in return. Its all about focusing on what makes you happy.

Scorpio: The Death reversed
This week you see constructive changes which must happen! No more putting it off you have to bite the bullet and just accept its time to get on with it. This may be affecting your personal life, career, money, health and well being or the treason behind your profound procrastination. No matter what – you know matters need a review and a revisit in order to make that change.

Sagittarius: Ten of Swords reversed
This week you see everything for what it truly is or represents. A time of strong clear and decisive decision making enabling you to refresh, restart and reconnect with your plans. The time of a honest and no hold bars deliberation within your own self could enable you to see how far you truly have come in working past any fears, inhibitions or uncertainties of resent. Everything is laid out on the table – for you to see.

Capricorn: Eight of Pentacles reversed
This week you are forced to look at your circumstances and come to terms with some areas are well and truly out of your control. You may not have a total say in the issue or solutions but you do have hind sight. Patience will be the key to gaining some resolutions especially with career, money and other long term support goals.

Aquarius: The Star reversed
This week you experience limitations, delays and problems with restrictions. You are well aware there is nothing you can do until all of these areas are lifted, dealt with or fixed. In the mean – time all you can do is wait. On the bright side you may find a chance to reassess your current circumstances enabling you to make changes necessary for when the tide chances and you start moving ahead again.

Pisces: Queen of Cups reversed
This week you find it hard to stick to a decision or make a commitment. you may be influenced by the moods or circumstances of others. This is a time in which you just need to ask yourself ” is this what I want because it makes me happy or am I just doing it to make someone else happy?”