Weekly Tarotscopes



12th to 18th August 2018 – Weekly Tarotscopes


This week brings a tendency to be highly focused which could turn to becoming a little too critical or cynical if you are not careful. You know what you want but getting it may be a different story.

This week encourages you to stay calm and flexible when it comes to introducing new plans and goals into your daily life. You are keen to stick to the traditional however, bend a little and enjoy the experience.

This week finally you feel what you desire starting to happen. Finances and personal goals go hand in hand. However, it is something more exciting that has you jumping for joy.

This week the old rule too much work and not enough play makes Cancerians grumpy. You find there is now half measures its all or nothing! But this could bring you more stress and less sleep.

This week a strong willed male could have you feeling a little intimidated or questioning yourself. Look at who is really in the drivers seat – it is you, stand up and let them know who is boss.

This week emotions are high and you are in the mix of it all. Your heightened sensitivities could see you involved in all sorts of dramas.

This week children, family and your personal dreams are the focus. A time to sort out what is best for everyone whilst not giving up on what makes you happy.

This week brings a few unexpected turns. Your patience is thin as you deal with one drama after another. Something or someone takes you by surprise – A week of frustrations and changes of plans.

This week question everything before giving it the seal of approval. Someone or something is not right and could cost you dearly. Trust your apprehensions and intuition when it comes to money or property.

This week dealings with government or people in authority will take centre stage. You could find yourself in deep discussions and agreements will lead to gaining the right support and results.

This week brings progression and movement in plans. You are on the home stretch making good headway. This makes you a happy chappy.

This week you will feel the pressure. Your plate is full and still there is a higher expectation to perform regardless. All you can do is wait for the tide to turn