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Numerology is based on the relationship between numbers and the mystical or divinatory effects that coincide when such numbers appear throughout your life.

In understanding numerology, you will find I am utilizing the Pythagoras system which is a more practical or simplistic way of breaking down the numbers as the Pythagorean system believes every number can break down to a single digit from 1 through to 9. (exert from my book Understanding Numerology)


Find your Personal Day by adding your day, month and the current year then breaking it down to a single digit.

Example:  for example IF you were born on 15th of November just add this with the current year 2018 . You then would break down the numbers to add to a single digit

For Example first you need to find your year number.

1+5(day of birth)+1+1 (month of birth)+2+o+1+8 (current year) = 19 which breaks down to 1+9 = 10 (remember it has to break down to a single digit so, 10 would become 1+0 =1  personal year is a 1

Then you add your personal year number with the current month and date.

Example :

Our example shows a personal year is a 1. Now to find your personal day you then add the personal year to the day and month relevant to you.

Say you wished to know about what influences you on March 29th,  then add your personal year . As our example shows to be a 1 (personal year)+ 3 (March) + 2+ 9 (day date) = 15 (single digit) would bring the 1+5 = 6 so the Personal Day is 6.

Once you get the hang of it you will be able to do this without thinking! so you add your day and month of birth to the current year. Add the sum to a single digit. Find your year number then, add that year number to the day and month of your choice. Add the sum to a single digit and you are now set!

Find the your day number below and enjoy exploring what influences your day.


        3      4      5          7      8      9


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