Monthly Messages

September 2018

September Message (to go with the video)

Thank you for joining me for spirits message.

Misdirected Anger

The testing planets and the lessons that have emerged throughout this year are enormous. You may have asked yourself why? why now?

The reason being there have been times past and present in which you may have not dealt with a situation clearly or with the ability to solve the outcome.

It does not matter if this is home, family,career, love, money or well being. Something you chose or settled for is needing a revisit.

Many times you may have brushed aside key points which have manifested under the surface as ” another time” or perhaps ” it will just get better”

Spirit brought up many instances however, the inability to have the energy or focus to deal with this repetitive problem or situation has lead to now a time of needing to do such.

Therefore, the bubbling festering negative energy has brewed and become toxic. To this the reaction is anger, resentment, frustration and most of all why now? why me? why, why why?

Well, honestly it was always there to be dealt with. It just takes an accumulation of events mirroring the problem or circumstance back at you, for you now to recognise the journey is impeded with a toxic or mixed emotional fusion and unresolved issues on a deeper level.

Spirit brings the chance for a change, a clearing. A thorough reflection on what truly and truthfully has been the crux of all those personal limitations. Spirit opens your eyes with a pro-founding awakening and now Spirit has your attention.

You may find yourself saying things verbally you held onto and releasing them with such force you actually are misdirecting your inner pain onto someone else.

This misfiring is your frustration that now you are seeing some of the negative resentments rising in such a powerful way it may be easier to blame others or associate that pain and anger with it being their responsibility as to why you feel as you do or you are in that predicament.

Taking this considerable view makes you feel even more angry that you are seeing matters turn out this way. You questions your beliefs, your identity, the authenticity of your life or true meaning of happiness.But the truth is the issue or problem was always there – in your subconscious mind you know exactly that which you were accepting or accommodating.

You knew it was a bargaining chip between the too hard basket – You played the game – upping the ante anticipating the bluff may pay off. Sounds critical or harsh but you played the game of chancing it would just work out even if you accepted the possibility of circumstances ever changing where against you from the beginning.

Then, Suddenly what you brushed over and thought would change has not. Suddenly it arises and bring up guilt, fear, confusion and doubt. You think about what you could have done differently as you are now facing the reality of those choices.

Spirit asks you why are you in the position you are now? what is it you may have needed to better communicate or be honest with yourself about. Where did you lose sight of your needs or feel powerless.

Life will always send you curve balls and hurdles. But it is you that is aware consciously of your choices when you are encountering these times.

Nobody can tell you what your doing wrong, they probably have but your ears were deaf. Even the little voice inside you was speaking loud and proud with red flags and warning signs. But, your ears were not listening.

Your eyes were blinded, the blinkers only seeing the small portion or what was a bigger picture. Like picking out all the red mm’s cause you know the green and yellow are your least favourite. I will only eat them if i have too!

You chose what was making you happy right now and then. What makes you feel self satisfied. Then, you realise that small token of happiness is really not enough. You are now seeing a glimpse of what your choices or decisions are manifesting.

The reality of the truth hurts and brews another resounding outburst. The ground shakes, you roar and you roar and before you know that roar is cutting, critical and demeaning.

You are pushing that hurt, blame and discontent onto something or someone because you feel so let down. The bubble burst and reality snuck in under the guise of darkness and gave you a candle to find the way.

That light will guide you – protect it, its your real truth. All Spirit wants is for you to recognise your true worth.

Thank you , everybody and cosmic hugs xx